Top 10 Easy And Healthy Rice Recipes For Kids

Rice has nutritive qualities that makes it a mom’s favorite healthy cooking ingredient. It is easy to prepare and you can load it with all vegetables, even the one’s your kids plainly refuse to eat! Best of all, it can be served as a complete meal or with an accompaniment.

As Mitch Holsberg rightly quotes, “I like Rice. Rice is great if you are hungry and want 2000 of something.”

Top 10 Easy Rice Recipes for Kids:

When it comes to rice recipe, there’s no limit to creativity, flavours and ideas with which you can cook to tempt your kid’s taste buds.

Moms, you will love these quick, easy, nutrition filled top ten rice recipes we bring to you, to overcome the challenge of cooking tasty and kid friendly rice recipes.

1. Bisi Bele Bhaat:

Bisi Bele Bhaat With Pictures

This colourful, amazing kid friendly rice dish would definitely be a favourite!

    • Whether it is your super picky child or your lamenting husband or anyone for that matter, there is simply no way for them to resist this.
    • If your kids are bored with plain lentils or dal sambar, get the recipe from, make the bise bele at home, serve them and watch them empty their plates.


2. Risotto:

Risotto With Pictures

Do you want to try Italian rice dishes for kids? For a special occasion like an reward lunch when your kid comes first in the exams, do not think beyond risotto, the Italian rice delicacy. It is a buttery rich delight, and a very popular comfort food in Europe and elsewhere!

  • Usually people have it in fancy restaurants, but to make it at home is simplicity itself. It can be cooked in a deep-dish pan or a pressure cooker also.
  • So get the recipe from, save some money by ditching the restaurant, put on some Italian music and enjoy your risotto at home!

3. Vegetable Curd Rice:

Vegetable Curd Rice With Pictures

This is a simple yet effective rice recipe for kids with the nutrition of vegetables, yogurt and rice, tossed with spices, to make an absolute yummy delight.

  • It’s best to add homemade yogurt, rather than store bought, for more goodness.
  • Some also add cashew nuts, green grapes and a little butter for extra richness.
  • Cook it using the recipe at, garnish it with grated carrots and serve hot to your darling.

4. Sichuan Fried Rice:

Sichuan - Easy Fried Rice Recipe For Kids With Pictures

The Chinese are really spreading their magic everywhere, from products to food! Announce Sichuan fried rice with Manchurian for dinner, and your kid will be ready to dig dinner in, way before time. This easy fried rice recipe for kids is surely a winner.

  • This fried rice, featuring spring onions and slivers of vegetables and meat of your choice, is a colourful option on cold days.
  • Check out this easy fried rice recipe for kids at

5. Paella:

Paella Rice Recipe With Pictures

Boring food have found their replacement. Not too spicy but still magical in taste, this Spanish delicacy is a fun twist in your everyday menu.

  • Paella can be customised as vegetarian, chicken, seafood, and even exotic paella that has snails and octopus!
  • Next time your kid asks for something different, be sure to get the easy rice dishes for kids from and surprise him with a Paella.

6. Japanese Rice Balls:

Japanese Rice Balls With Pictures

Did you know that rice is the staple food for Japanese? They use a different type of rice called sticky rice, which is the key ingredient in making those great sushi rolls.

  • Onigiri, especially, is a beloved rice dish that is famous all over the world for its handy form and delicious taste.
  • Here is the—japanese-rice-balls/. You now know what cuisine you are going to try this weekend!

7. Mango Rice:

Mango Rice With Pictures

Yes, you can make easy rice recipes for kids using raw mango and we assure you, it will not be fruity!

  • This recipe from will tell you the secret to making great mango rice, which is spicy, tangy and delicious at the same time.
  • In India, this rice is made during special occasions like weddings, baby shower and christening.

8. Mexican Bean Rice:

Mexican Bean Rice With Pictures

Bean? Rice? Mexican? The best combination for a rice meal, ever! This can be a protein-rich meal and healthy rice dish for children too if you avoid the cheese.

  • Preparing this dish is is easier than some complicated rice dishes. You can help your child learn about Mexico and its cuisine by serving this dish for a leisurely Sunday lunch.
  • Recipe is available at

9. Biryani:

Biryani For Kids With Pictures

Biryani is one of the most famous and universally accepted rice dishes. There is simply no one who could say no to this exceptional Indian dish!

  • Additionally this isn’t so hard to prepare either, as long as you follow the recipe to the core. Adjust the chilli to have control over the spiciness.
  • There are many varieties of biryani available at Try the Moghul version using basmati rice with nuts and raisins, or the spicy South Indian Chettinad version that uses the short grain jeera samba.

10. Jambalaya:

Jambalaya With Pictures

This is yet another of those mind-blowing rice dishes for children which is known to very few. Worry not, for you are shortly going to be one of those few!

  • Jambalaya is a Creole dish, with roots in Spanish and French cuisine. It is closely related to the paella.
  • Adding celery and smoked sausage gives it the distinct “jambay” flavour, something that will remain in your memory long after you digested your meal! Check out the recipe at

We hope these simple rice recipes for kids, ideas inspired you to start cooking right away! Please share your thoughts about this article in the comment section below.

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