6 Safe Bathing Tips For Toddlers

Are you struggling to keep your toddler clean? Do you feel that bathing your toddler is an extremely challenging task?

If you have answered yes to the questions above, this article is perfect for you. Read on to find handy tips to make your toddler bath time super fun.

Important Tips To Remember While Giving Your Toddler A Bath:

Giving your toddler a bath, is a daily struggle. However, a little planning can make it enjoyable for both you and your toddler. Follow these tips to ensure your toddler is safe and happy during bath times:

1. Never Leave Your Toddler Alone:

It is the golden rule of safety that you should always follow while giving your toddler a bath. Plan ahead and keep all the bath essentials within your arm’s reach. It will ensure you do not have to get up while giving your toddler a bath. Do not leave your toddler alone in the bath to answer a phone call or the doorbell. If you need to get up, pick up your toddler, wrap him in a towel and take him along.


2. Fill The Bath Tub Beforehand:

Ensure your toddler is not in the tub or bathroom when you are filling up the tub. The temperature of the water may suddenly change to very hot or very cold. It can prove dangerous for your toddler. Fill the tub, keep the bath essentials handy, and only then bring in your toddler.

3. Test The Temperature Of The Water:

Always make it a rule to test the temperature of the water before your put your toddler in the tub. Touch the water with the back of your hand. Let your toddler in only if it feels comfortable.

4. Maintain A Safe Water Level:

Did you know that water lesser than an inch deep, is enough to drown a toddler? You may feel your toddler loves to swim, but do not fill the tub more than his waist level. It will prevent your toddler from losing his balance inside the tub. Also, teach your toddler to sit in a tub and not stand to prevent any falls.

5. Avoid Using Soaps Daily:

Do you want to add bubbles to your toddler’s bath? Avoid doing so on a regular basis. Products like baby soaps, body washes, and bubble baths can dry your toddler’s sensitive skin. Limit the use of such products to once or twice a week. Over-usage can cause dryness or even rashes on your toddler’s delicate skin.

6. Baby Proof Your Bathroom:

The bathroom or bathtub can be a potentially dangerous place for your toddler. It can be slippery, causing your toddler to fall and get hurt. Use a skid-proof mat at the door of the bathroom and a waterproof one inside. You can also place a bathtub mat to ensure your toddler does not slip inside the tub. Also, remember to keep any electrical appliances like heaters, hair dryers and such away. Also keep scissors and razors far from your toddler’s reach.

Fun Bath Activities:

Bath times can sometimes be difficult with your toddler. Engage in fun activities that will make your toddler enjoy his bath. Put containers in the tub and let your toddler splash some fun! You can convert the routine bath to a learning activity by buying a few bath books and toys for your toddler. Turn your toddler into a bathroom singer by singing along some fun nursery rhymes while bathing him.


Bath time can easily be a fun time for you both to bond over. Make sure you follow safety tips on how to bath a toddler. Singing, splashing, and some interesting bath toys can make your toddler enjoy his daily routine better.

If you have some super-fun bath ideas for toddler bathing, please share it with other moms here.

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