3 Simple & Useful Survival Tips For A Single Mom

Parenting is tough, and single parenting is even more so. In fact, if single parents were to be believed, single parenting is almost ten times as tough as parenting! The anxiety, challenges, stress and anything and everything that comes with raising children can be too much to take for two parents, so how do you think a single parent will cope with raising children?

But, fear not! Because at Momjunction, help is always a click away. With some careful planning, structuring and, of course, support at your disposal, you can make single parenting work. Read on ‘how to survive as a single mom’ , and here are some tips to help you survive, and indeed live your life peacefully.

1. Emotional Survival Guide:

  • Maintain and follow a routine that your kids find comforting. Routines can help children feel comfortable when their family structure changes around them. Keep up with their favorite meals, play dates, outings or reading before bedtime. You can also create some new routines keeping up with your new lifestyle. But it is always good to maintain routines that matter to your kids.
    • Talk to your kids about changes in your family life. Help your kids understand why their father doesn’t live with them anymore. If you have suffered a loss of a partner through an illness or accident, help your kids to deal with this grief. Don’t isolate your grief from your children. Share what the changes mean for your whole family depending on the age of your kids.
  • Refrain from putting your emotions on the back burner. Deal with your grief of separation or loss of a partner healthily. It is crucial that you do, as the wellbeing of your children depends on your own good health and outlook. Talk to a counselor, friend or a family member and process your emotions. Spend time in solitude if that’s what works for you. Listen to uplifting music, play a sport or go for regular runs in the park. Do things that make you happy. Love yourself so that you can pour that love out to your kids.

2. Financial Survival Guide:

  • Consider your financial situation from all angles at the very earliest in your life as a single mom. Surviving being a single mom is very difficult. You may not have access to child support. You may have to run your household on a single income. Perhaps you need to move to a smaller accommodation or cut some expenses. Plan the minimum amounts you need to earn and save. Would you need to apply for a loan? Can a family member loan you the amount? Play out all scenarios and choose wisely.
  • Now plan ahead and consider what you can do to increase your income or to make your lifestyle better. Would a refresher course or a technical class increase your chances of a promotion or a better job? Can you take the risk of starting your own business? Can you work part time for your small business while holding a job? This is the best tip to know about how to survive financially as a single mom.

3. Social Survival Guide:

  • Create a support system for you with the help of family, friends and other single moms. You may need all the help you need, for instance, when your kid is sick but you have to attend an urgent meeting at work. Other single moms can also become your friends and help you create healthy social connections.
  • Help your kids address the questions about your family situation. If your kids are young, you may need to help them deal with questions by their peers.
  • You need to be very careful about your dating life also. Consider potential partners carefully before introducing them to your children. [1] [2]

Single parenthood is a change for the whole family. Be strong and don’t let your kids get away with bad behavior because you feel guilty about being a single mom. Never consider yourself a bad parent for things that you can’t control.

Go easy on yourself and give it time. With time, you would know how to navigate this new territory with ease.

Are you a single mom? Do you have any survival strategies to share with fellow readers? Tell us here.

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