20 Beautiful Tattoos With Kids’ Names Inked On You

A tattoo can divide opinions. But, sometimes, the ink can signify a deeper meaning, and it is much more than an artsy pattern or a simple tribute. The design you get inked is, more often than not, an extension of your thoughts and will feature things that you are passionate about, or people you cherish.

And as a mom, if you have been thinking about your inking your little angel’s name on your body, you might want to peruse our list of 20 brilliant tattoos with kids names for some ideas here. Check them out below.

Excellent Tattoos With Kids Names:

1. Baby Name With Birth Date:

  • Here is a beautiful tattoo design that will feature your kid’s name and also has his date of birth.
    • In this particular tattoo, the artist has used some lovely cursive font to give the name a stylish touch.
  • The birth date is placed just below the name, and the entire design comes together with a lovely fern-like design at the bottom.
  • In this particular instance, the tattoo was drawn at the upper corner of the back.

2. Name In The Heart:

  • Here is a beautiful design you can try if you have one or even multiple kids.
  • The tattoo is placed on the upper back corner, but you can also do this on your inner arm or wrist area.
  • The tattoos depict two hearts with a name inked within each.

3. Baby Name, Birth Date, And Heart:

  • The beautiful tattoo brings together all three elements of your love for your kid – your kid’s name, the date of birth and a heart.
  • In this case too, the tattoo is placed on the upper corner of the back.
  • If you want to go for a smaller design, you can also make it on your wrist, on your chest or in the inner part of your arm.
  • In this design, the heart is made with the name and the birth date on its outline.

4. Eternity Band With Kid’s Name:

  • The beautiful and subtle tattoo is a great way to show your love for your kid through ink.
  • In this case, the tattoo is done on the wrist.
  • It shows two names that help to join the eternity band together.
  • The font here is in small caps, but you can also use cursive or other font ideas for your design.

5. Heartbeat Tattoo With Name:

  • Place your tattoo on the part of your body that is directly connected to the beat of your heart.
  • For this particular design, you have to place the tattoo on your wrist to give it the right meaning.
  • It features a heart done in red and a heartbeat that connects it to the name.
  • It is a very beautiful way to show that your kid is the one who is directly connected to your heart.

6. Mix Of English And Hindi Script:

  • In this pretty tattoo, you can see both the English and the Hindi script that have been used to make a beautiful name design.
  • Depending on your kid’s name, you can choose which part you want to be done in which script.
  • Also, you can choose what script you want based on your own linguistic preferences.
  • The best part about this particular tattoo with kids names is that you can make it both large or small and subtle.

7. Name On The Ring Finger:

  • While most people prefer putting their partner’s name on their ring finger, it is also a very popular spot to put your kid’s name.
  • The ring finger is directly connected to your heart. Hence, it is all the more reason for you to have your kid’s name on it if you want to show that love.
  • In this particular tattoo, the names are beautifully written on the ring finger.
  • You can choose to do it the way it is shown here, or also do it on the side of the finger.

8. Kid’s Name On The Back:

  • Here is a very simple but sweet tattoo idea in which only the names of the kids are written.
  • You can either choose to do it at the spot where it shows in the picture, which is the upper corner of the back, or any other part of your body.
  • You can also play around with the size of the tattoo with this particular design.
  • The particular design shown in this picture will also look good on your wrist, the inner part of your arm, your chest and even your lower back.

9. Interesting Initial Design Idea With Birth Dates:

  • In this particular design, the initials of both the kids have been used in a very innovative way.
  • The two initials, J, and D, have been used to merge with each other and create a diamond shape.
  • The birth dates are also inked under both the respective initials.
  • The design will look very good on your back as well as on your forearm or above the elbow.

10. Twins’ Names With Birth Date:

  • If you have twins, or if by any coincidence your kids share their birth date, here is a beautiful way to get it all inked on your body.
  • For this particular design, you can ink your kids’ names in a vertical fashion and place the birth date at the bottom in such a way that it connects both the names together.
  • The tattoo is placed on the calf in this image, but you can also do it on your back or your arm.

11. Heart Made Out Of Kids’ Names:

  • In this particular image, the tattoo design is made as a heart with two names combined.
  • You can use a font that will help to write out the names in such a way that it will form a heart.
  • To add more heart elements, you can place a red heart somewhere along with the name.

12. Kid’s Name, Foot Print, And Birth Date:

  • If your kid is young, you can try this beautiful tattoo design that will feature your kid’s name, the birth date and also your kid’s footprint.
  • You can place it on your shoulder and neck area, on the upper corner of your back, the lower part of your back or also on your arm.
  • For multiple kids, you can make it on both sides of the back corner.

13. Cute Kid’s Name With Initial Used As Design:

  • If your kid’s name starts with a ‘C’ and if you have a daughter, you can try out this beautiful tattoo design.
  • For this particular design, the artist has turned the C of the name into a cute little hairband that is synonymous with a little girl.
  • You can check other similar designs that will use the initial of your kid’s name and turn them into relevant design objects.

14. Kids Names Tattoos From Neck Till Back:

  • In this pretty tattoo, Victoria Beckham is seen sporting all her kids’ names from the nape of her neck till down her back.
  • While she has used an Arabic script, you can use any script you wish to write the names.
  • The tattoo will also look good on your arm and down your spine.

15. Baby Hand Print With Baby Name:

  • For this particular tattoo design, you can mix your kid’s hand print along with the name.
  • The best way to do this tattoo design is to trace your kid’s hand print on the area to make it more realistic.
  • You can write your kid’s name in the middle.

16. Kid’s Foot Print With Name:

  • Here is a beautiful tattoo design in which you can put your kid’s footprints as well as the name.
  • You can write your kid’s name on your wrist and place the two little footprints at the bottom.
  • To make it colorful, you can fill up the footprints with color, as is done in this picture or you can also go for a completely black design idea.
  • The design will look good on your wrist, your arm and also your neck area.

17. Kid’s Name In The Inner Part Of Your Palm:

  • A popular area to draw name tattoos is the inner part of your palm.
  • You can add your kid’s name in a simple cursive font and make it along the inner side of the palm.
  • The design will also look good on your wrist or your neck area.

18. Kid’s Name With Butterfly Design:

  • If you don’t want to go for a design that just has a name in it, but also want to add some fun element to it, you can also go for something like this.
  • For this particular design, you can combine your kid’s name along with a cute butterfly at the end.
  • To add more effect to the design, you can add some glitter to the butterfly and parts of the name.
  • The design will look good on your wrist, your inner arm, your upper arm and also your neck or upper corner back area.

19. The Super Bling Kid’s Name Tattoo:

  • There is no better way to show off your love of color, bling, and your baby than by getting this tattoo done.
  • In this particular design, the artist has used a rainbow-inspired mix of colors and topped it off with color glitter effect.
  • You can add your kid’s name in a similar fashion and accessorize it with a cute little butterfly around.
  • This tattoos for women with kids names will look great on your back or your arm.

20. Kids Name Tattoos With Building Blocks, Birth Date, And Hand Print:

  • Here is a beautiful and very different tattoo design that brings together almost everything related to your kid.
  • The tattoo design is a mix of your kid’s hand print, the name and the birth date, all set inside a mix of baby building blocks.
  • In this picture, the tattoo is made from the side of the back till the tummy area. It will also look very good on the back.

Before Getting A Tattoo- A Word Of Caution:

Once you have decided to get a child name tattoos, do make sure you first keep the following things in mind:

  • A tattoo is a permanent design that will stay on your body forever, so make sure you are certain of the design you choose.
  • Remember that what looks good on picture, or what looks good on someone else, may not necessarily look good on you. To understand how it will look on you, get a temporary tattoo done first to see how it looks and feels. You will also realize whether or not you like to have something on your body forever. If you like it, you can always go ahead and make it a permanent design. If you do not, you can wait till the temporary art goes away.
  • When choosing a script for your tattoo, always try and go for something that you can read. If you want a different script design from what you know, try asking a relative or friend who may know that particular script. Do not go by online translation apps to select a writing written in a script you have no idea about, as it could tend to be entirely incorrect.
  • Go for a tattoo only when you are sure you want it. Do not go for it just for the heck of it. You will love your tattoo the most when you can connect with it.
  • Always go for reputed tattoo artists instead of going for cheaper ones. When it comes to a tattoo, go for quality over how much the charges are. You want to be certain of the hygiene and reputed tattoo artists will ensure you get the best of art as well as hygiene.

The tattoo ideas shared above are a perfect blend of your kid’s name and your love of being a mom. Do let us know which one you loved the most.

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