10 Best Bikes For Teenage Girls

Is your teenager in love with bikes? Are you planning to gift her a bike but are clueless about the best options in the market? Are you worried about which bike will be safe for her and which will also be comfortable for her age?

If you have been nodding your head along, read on to know about the best bikes for teenage girls.

Here are our ten recommendations for teenage girl bikes that will be perfect choice:

1. Hero Cycles Next-24 18 SPD Mountain Bike:

SPD-Mountain-Bike - Teenage Girl Bikes

Buy Hero Cycles Mountain Bike For ₹ 7,670.00 @

It has an 18-speed index type shift system.

    • It comes with a double-bend type MTB handle.
    • It also comes with a front disc and a rear side pull v-brake.
    • The dimensions of the tire are 24 inch X 1.95 inch.
    • The bike comes with the latest treads that give a better grip on the road and provide extra stability on bumpy surfaces.

2. Hi-Bird Singham Single Speed Double Disc Brake 26 Inch Bicycle:

Teen Girl Bikes With pictures

Buy Hi-Bird Double Disc Brake Bicycle For ₹ 7,952.00 @

This one of the most popular bikes for teenage girl and young woman from Hi-Bird Singham comes with front and rear disc brakes.

  • It has double wall alloy rims and alloy levers.
  • It has a chain cover.
  • It also has an inbuilt carrier.

3. Hi-Bird Velorean Single Speed Bicycle 26 Inch:

Teenage Girls Bikes With Pictures

Buy Hi-Bird Single Speed Bicycle For ₹ 4,323.00 @
The beautiful bike from Hi-Bird Velorean comes with an upswept comfortable handlebar.

  • It comes with an inbuilt carrier.
  • It also has caliper brakes, a basket and a dress guard.
  • The bike also has a chain cover and a side stand.

4. Hero New Miss India Gold Pink Bicycle:

Best Bike For Teenage Girl With Pictures

Buy Hero New Miss India Gold Pink Bicycle For ₹ 4,400.00 @

The pretty bike for teenage girl conforms to the latest international trends, .

  • It has a stylish steel dress guard.
  • It comes with a resin molded mesh type basket.

5. Hero Empress Ladies Pink Bicycle:

Bikes For Teenage Girls With Pictures This is one of the gorgeous teen girl bikes from Hero, that comes with an extra rigid design.

  • It has U-shaped steel mud guards.
  • It also has a specially designed reflector for the rear mudguard.
  • The bike comes with an attractive mascot on the front mud guard.
  • It has a beautiful fork crown and crown cover.

6. Hero DTB With Double Suspension Speed Bicycle:

Teen Girls Bikes With Pictures

Buy Hero Double Suspension Bicycle For ₹ 6,500.00 @

It has an 18-speed index type shift system.

  • It has a high strength low profile cantilever brake.

7. Hero Cycles Buzz Mountain Bike:

Teen Girl Bike With Images

Buy Hero Cycles Mountain Bike For ₹ 4,500.00 @

The contemporary bike from the brand Hero has a y-style integral carrier frame.

  • It has effective caliper brakes with alloy levers.
  • The friction free casing makes braking easier.
  • It has an ATB style handlebar with an extended stem.

8. Hero Cycles Octane DTB Mountain Bike:

Teenage Girls Bike With Pictures

Buy Hero Cycles Octane Mountain Bike For ₹ 8,500.00 @

The bike from Hero has a very sturdy frame and a full suspension fork.

  • It has alloy rims and soft PVC grips.
  • It has front and rear alloy v brakes.

9. Hercules Roadeo A100 Vx 21 Speed Bicycle:

Teen Girls Bike With Pictures

Buy Hercules Roadeo Speed Bicycle For ₹ 11,898.00 @

This is one of the stylish teen girl bikes from Hercules that comes with a unique designer 6061 alloy frame.

  • It comes with disc brakes and v brakes.
  • It also has front and rear wheel reflectors.

10. Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rebellio 619 Bicycle, 24 Inch:

Teenage Girl Bike With Pictures

Buy Hercules Turbodrive Bicycle For ₹ 6,660.00 @

The bike from Hercules comes with V brakes front and back with alloy levers.

  • It comes with a comfortable saddle and aero soft grips.
  • The bike has a turbo drive chain wheel.
  • It also has front and rear suspension.

The ten bikes for teenage girls mentioned here will spoil your angel for choice.

Does your daughter already has any of these or which one is your favorite best bike for teenage girl from the list. We would love to hear from you!

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