What Is Puberty And When Do You Hit Puberty?

Life is a constant process of changes, mental and physical. And these changes are never more stark and poignant than when a child becomes an adult.

One of the most crucial crossroads of life comes when one enters puberty. Understanding puberty is important for it will help you cope up and be well prepared for the changes that your teen is about to experience.

What Is Puberty?

Puberty is an age when our body and brain change from that of a child’s to slowly of an adult’s. The brain releases a certain chemical, called hormones. The specific name of this hormone is Gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

  • These hormones trigger all the change related to puberty. This is a time when your teen’s body will grow at a much faster pace than any other time in his life.
  • This also happens to be the time when your teen’s body will seem totally out of control.
  • You will notice his legs, arms, hands and even feet growing faster than the rest of the body.
  • This may seem a little weird to you and your teen initially. But relax, this happens to everyone and it is only natural.

There are a number of changes at puberty:

1. Physical Changes:

These are the most visible physical changes during puberty.

  • There is a sudden spurt of growth in the body.
  • This is the time when your teen’s body develops and matures sexually and his or her reproductive organs become functional.
  • This is the time when your teen’s bodies become fertile.
  • You will notice your teen’s legs, hands, feet and genitals growing at a good speed now.
  • You will also notice other significant changes like pimples, curves and muscles developing, zits, cracking of voice, hair growth over the body and many more.
  • You will suddenly see your teen getting taller really fast and he or she may even gain some weight.

2. Behavioural Changes:

As your teen’s brain develops further, they will experience a lot of behavioural changes.

  • You will notice a stark change in his likes and dislikes.
  • Puberty also makes a lot of teenagers take more interest in certain risky activities like smoking, drinking and even sex.

3. Psychological Changes:

This is the time when your teen’s brain develops the most.

  • Different parts of brain develop at a different pace.
  • As a result, most teenagers at puberty become extremely moody, self-conscious, aggressive, sentimental and emotional too.
  • Puberty is well described as the emotional roller-coaster ride of life.

When Do You Hit Puberty?

The onset of this phase in life varies body to body. There is no exact time described for hitting puberty. Every individual varies from the other, so does the body and the puberty age.

However, there is an age bracket within which, generally most children attain puberty. Having said that, this age bracket, may vary widely depending on the individual.

  • Girls hit puberty anytime between the age of 7 to 13 years of age.
  • Boys, on the other hand, hit puberty anytime between the age of 9 to 15 years of age.
  • Many a times, girls and boys start with their puberty either a little earlier or later.
  • This is no cause of worry because no two bodies are the same. All human bodies are different and they grow differently from others. It is absolutely wrong to compare your teen’s growth to others.

As we said, delayed puberty should cause no worry. But many a times, medical conditions can also be the reason behind such delay. Under such circumstances, it is important that you get your teen thoroughly examined from a professional help and treat the problem right at its onset.

How Long Does Puberty Last?

On an average, puberty lasts for about 2-3 or 4 years.

  • Within these years, you will suddenly notice your teen growing up too fast.
  • Many teen might not grow as fast as others, but do not worry. Eventually, everyone catches up.

A Time Of Confusion And Aggression:

Puberty is infamous for the kind of problems it brings along. But we would like to tell you that these problems are only home-grown. We make these problems into what they are.

  • To avoid your teen from going through puberty-related crisis, help him understand what puberty really is.
  • This is the time when your teen would mostly find himself confused about everything.
  • Your teen will also find new feelings inside himself that he never felt before.
  • Just the way your teen’s body gradually changes from outside, it changes from within too.
  • You will find your teen’s temper getting worse, or you might also find him restless all the time.
  • Many children become really conscious at puberty because their body changes too fast or slow than others.

All of these changes  during puberty can hamper one’s self-esteem and self-confidence immensely. The idea is to make your teen realise that these changes and their pace is not under anyone’s control. It is only natural and there nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Words Of Wisdom To You:

We highly advise you to speak up and communicate openly with your teen about every problem that he might be facing. You too have been through this phase and would sure have some experiences to share.

  • Your teen’s puberty sure can be a wild ride for both you and your teen but relax, it is just a phase which will pass away with time.
  • Encourage your teen to be vocal about his feelings and speak to someone close, whom he trusts.
  • The moment you decide to sit down and discuss his problems, you will find him much more relaxed and half of his problems would be solved. This will make him feel at ease too.

Importance Of Good habits And Healthy Lifestyle:

Puberty isn’t bad after all. A little knowledge and cooperation from parents can make this phase worth it. This is the time when every activity your teen takes up, will stay with him forever.

  • Inculcate good habits that would help him cope with puberty better.
  • Ensure that he sleeps for at least 8-10 hours every day.
  • He must exercise regularly and eat healthy.
  • Ensure that he drinks lot of water and fluids.
  • Let him start a hobby and keep himself updated with current news.
  • Meditation can help combat puberty-related issues in a much simpler form by helping your teen develop stronger mind, body and soul.

We hope this article has helped you understand puberty easier, which in turn will help you make the transition much easier for your teen.

Do you have anecdotes on how you helped your teen cope up with puberty? If you have special tips to share, please drop in your comments in the box below. Thank you!

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