7 Most Common Body Changes You Undergo Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy is all about newer hopes, joys and anticipations. Getting pregnant is the most beautiful thing in the world, and there is no prettier a picture than seeing a pregnant woman with a cute baby bump!

There is a lot that you go through after pregnancy – right from accepting the fact that there is someone growing inside you, to the sudden changes happening to your body without prior notice. It would be useful to be aware of the changes to body after pregnancy well in advance so that you do not feel left out with assumptions crowding your mind.

Most of the body changes that happen after you glide through pregnancy are due to the hormones that were rapidly preparing your womb for the baby during pregnant months. Some of these changes may stay with your forever.

7 Most Common Body Changes After Pregnancy:

Do not be alarmed at the after pregnancy body changes you experience. While some of them are obviously expected, others could be a surprise that you may have to cope with.

Below mentioned are the few common body changes after childbirth that are likely to happen:

1. Weight Gain:

You will tend to gain more weight after pregnancy thanks to all the changes that happened during pregnancy.

    • The blood supply of your body will increase by almost 50 percent while you are pregnant.
    • You would have indulged with your food cravings, apart from eating for your baby during pregnancy, ending up adding that extra baby weight.
    • This extra weight sticks around even after childbirth.
    • The diet and fitness measures taken while pregnant will largely affect your weight pattern after pregnancy.


2. Belly Bulge:

The baby bump will stay with you for good. This is due to the fact that your pelvic muscles have been overworked due to stretching while you were pregnant.

  • Even though you may lose weight everywhere in the body with all your efforts, that tiny muffin on your midriff will stay.
  • Despite all the fitness measures, there is no escaping an elevated belly. Live with it and accept it.

3. Fluctuating Sex Drive:

Sex drive is something that will be as unpredictable as your mood swings after pregnancy.

  • You may feel higher sex drive; this is usually felt in most cases. While at times you may have no sex drive at all throughout the pregnant phase.
  • Do not feel guilty or blame yourself for the same. This is something way out of your league as hormones tend to take over.
  • It takes some time post childbirth to adapt to the normal state, even with sexual drive.

4. Bigger Breasts:

Your breasts look fuller and larger than before. This is due to the obvious reason that your breast glands have evolved with lactation and breast feeding.

  • Sometimes, the increased cup size during pregnancy will stay forever even after childbirth.
  • You will end up having larger breasts with different cup size post childbirth.

5. Shoe Size:

Yes! Some studies say that even your shoe size will change after pregnancy.

  • The extra weight that you have been carrying around for a while tends to put pressure enough to flatten out the arch of your feet.
  • The result is that your shoe size may change after childbirth.
  • You will take comfort wearing shoes with space increased by an inch or half.

6. Skin Complexion:

Some women tend to evolve into more beautiful creatures post pregnancy. This is very true.

  • The hormonal rush coupled with extra blood circulation while pregnant adds that shiny glow to your face. The good news is that the glow may remain with your forever.
  • It is not surprising to see that some mommies are fondly referred to as ‘yummy’!

7. Hair Loss:

Losing hair is one unpleasant surprise that you will abhor for a while. However, do not panic as this phase is temporary.

  • While pregnant, your hair tends to look fuller, shinier and richer due to that extra blood circulation all over the body, including your scalp.
  • After childbirth, the circulation is back to normal and you will lose all the extra hair.
  • Things will even out after sometime. However, most women complain of persistent hair fall after becoming mothers.

These are some expected natural changes in your body after pregnancy. As they say, nothing is permanent except change. Accept the changes of your body just the way you accept everything else. After all the gains and losses are worth it with a beautiful baby arriving in your life!

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