4 Useful Tips To Help Your Child Learn Good Posture

Are you worried about the health conditions of your growing kid? Does he maintain the right posture while sitting or standing? If you said no, it can be an alarm bell, which can lead to numerous health discomforts for your little one.

Read the following post, to know more about the importance of good postures for children.

Importance Of Good Posture For Kids:

Posture is the ability of the human body to control its positioning against the external natural forces. Posture can be both static as well as dynamic. During the initial growth processes, your child must learn about the proper postures to enhance the proper development of the spines and body muscles. Improper postures can negatively affect the spinal development and induce several health discomforts including spinal pain, neck pain, among others.

Postural habits can be taught from the early ages so that your child learns accurate sitting position. Studies show that children practicing good postures stay away from low back pain or other health discomforts (1).

Causes Of Bad Posture In Children:

Bad posture is a result of several physical as well as environmental issues. When your child is leaning forward to use a computer or carrying a heavy backpack it harshly affects his health.

Some of the reasons to induce bad posture in your children include:

  • Weak abdominal and back muscles
  • Central nervous system disorders
  • Eye or ear problems
  • Musculoskeletal system problems

If your baby holds a bad posture for a relatively longer span of time, the muscles weaken. It can induce excess stress on the spine and can restrict the range of motion of your child’s spinal segments. Your child can suffer from severe back pain or muscle stiffness. Children suffering from Scoliosis have a tendency to develop bad posture, and it induces sideways curvature of the spinal cord (2).

Tips On How To Teach Good Posture For Kids:

As the child gets older, pay proper attention to his sitting and walking posture.

Here are some effective tips to improve postures in your children:

  1. To help your child learn good posture make him sit on a stability ball while watching television or playing computer games. The ball strengthens his back muscles and enhances the spinal stability.
  2. When your child is using the computer or writing table, make sure that he is using appropriately sized and aligned chairs. He should be able to rest his neck and shoulders firmly on the back portion of the chair and continue his job smoothly. Positioning the sitting chair, at the appropriate level of the work surface is suitable for your child’s health. It ensures that the height of their elbow, while sitting upright, should be at table height. Positioning the table at his shoulder height makes it difficult for him to write or draw.
  1. When your child reaches his school age, check the weight of the school bag. Try to buy rucksack bag, as they are more comfortable than normal school bags. Don’t let them carry the bags on one shoulder. Whenever they carry a heavy load, the weight should be equally borne by both the shoulder to reduce the stress level.
  2. Make sure that the chair they use while watching television or studying is well-designed and fits their size. They should be able to sit comfortably and keep their arms, necks and shoulders in a relaxed position (3).

With appropriate precautionary measures, you can effectively control the postures of your child and help them learn the best ones. Practicing good postures can keep the spine healthy and devoid of excess stress or pain.

Did you teach your child about good postures? What measures did you adopt for posture rectification?

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