3 Safe Arm Exercises You Can Do During Your Pregnancy

Are you trying to stay fit and healthy while you are pregnant? Have you taken care to look after most parts of your growing body, but are still unsure about your arms? Are you looking for some exercises that will help shave off all that extra flab from your arms?

If you nodded along in agreement, you might want to scroll down and read the post. Here are some quick easy arm exercises while pregnant, that you can safely do.

Safe Arm Exercises During Pregnancy:

As with anything you do when you are pregnant, it is important for you to take your doctor’s go-ahead before you try these pregnancy arm workouts shared below. Once your doctor gives you the all-clear, try out the following in moderation:

1. Biceps Curl:

    • Sit down on a chair and place your feet flat on the floor. Your back should be straight.
  • Pull in your navel towards your spine. Make sure you do not turn into an arching position.
  • Now pull your shoulder blades backward and downwards.
    • Take a five to ten pound weight in each of your hands. Keep your arms close to the sides. Make sure that your palms are facing towards the front. If you haven’t yet used weights before or are finding it too heavy, try doing it with lighter weights.
  • Keep your elbows stationary and slowly bend your right arm. At the same time, curl the hand towards your shoulder.
  • Lower your back to the starting position. Repeat the steps with your left arm and complete the repetition. One curl with each arm will be equal to one repetition, so try doing two sets of about ten repetitions. Give a minute’s rest between each set.

2. Triceps Extension:

  • Sit down on a chair and keep your feet flat on the floor. Make sure your back remains in a straight position.
  • Pull your navel in towards your spine as it will help prevent your back from arching in.
  • Hold a three to four pound weight in each hand, or a litter lesser if it feels too much for now. While you are holding the weights, keep your hands behind your head. Your elbows should be bent and should be pointing upwards towards the ceiling.
  • Start lifting the weights towards the ceiling and make sure that your elbows stay in place. Slowly lower the weights behind your head. Do it in such that your elbows should be pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Repeat the movement to do two sets of about ten repetitions each. Take a break of about a minute between each set.

3. Lateral Rise:

  • Stand up straight and place your legs hip-wide. Keep your knees slightly bent and your tailbone tucked under. Take a three to five pound weight in each hand and let your arms hang by your sides. Your palms should be facing towards your thighs.
  • Lift both your arms slowly towards the sides and outwards. Keep lifting them up till your shoulder. Keep your elbows slightly bent and your palms facing the floor.
  • Slowly lower your arms at your sides and make sure that your palms are facing your thighs. At this point, your elbows should be slightly bent. Repeat the movement slowly and in a controlled manner. You can do two sets with about ten repetitions each. Take a break of a minute or two in between each set to stay relaxed and avoid over-exerting yourself.

Few Tips To Remember:

When you are pregnant, your balance shifts with the progress of each month and even week. It is important that you follow some basic safety rules while doing any of the arm exercises for pregnancy mentioned above:

  • Ensure you are standing on a surface that is non-slippery and has enough grip.
  • Only use weights that feel comfortable and do not make you break out in breathless gasps.
  • Stop exercising the moment you feel dizzy, nauseous or in pain.
  • Start out slowly and increase your frequency of exercising as you get comfortable.

Try out these simple arm exercises during pregnancy here and keep your arms flab free. Did you try any arm workouts while pregnant? Tell us about it here.

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