10 Quick Fun Activities For Your Toddlers At Home

Do you have a naughty toddler at home? Cant figure out why he is so energetic round the clock? Well, then this is not happening with you only!
Your toddler tends be hyperactive which makes it difficult for you to keep him occupied. You can plan few playtime activities up your sleeve to keep your little busybody engaged while he or she stays at home.

Here are 10 fun activities for toddlers that needs few household items and won’t require you to spend even a dime to entertain your antsy toddler.

1. Play Shopping at Grocery Store:

This game would be a delightful activity for your preschooler as he or she would try to imitate you doing the shopping by pushing a small toy trolley across the mini grocery store you set for your kid at home. Use cereal boxes, empty food containers or trays to display some fruits, cereals and cookies. Let your toddler shop for them and munch on happily!

2. Dress Up Game:

You can search your wardrobes for some hats, caps, coats, ties, scarves or bags and match them with few outfits of your toddler. Dress him or her in different outfits and ask your kid to make a stylish pose and click those cute moments. You would be delighted to find your kid looking like a cowboy or a cowgirl, a hunter or a rock star and your sweet little kiddo would also have a gala time trying on different dresses!

3. Bubble Time:

Prepare a soapy solution using a tear free shampoo or liquid soap. Give your kid pipes of different shapes and ask her to blow bubbles from them. See your kid’s eyes’ get wider as each bubble takes different shape in the pipe’s tip as she blows. You can also fill the room with lots of bubbles and join the fun by popping them one after the other!

4. Cardboard Rooms:

Create a personalized cardboard cottage for your toddler to allow him or her to spend some time in his cardboard fort. Take the big empty cardboard and cut out a few windows and a doorway. Lay a small bed and some pillows for your toddler to play comfortably. This makeshift fort would help your kid to have his fort shifted easily to any room in your home.

5. Create Colourful Finger Prints:

You can ask your kid to dip her fingers in water colours and make imprints on a particular section of your wall or create impressions like a flower or a doll on chart papers. These can be framed later and used as a wall hanging for your living room.

6. It’s Time to Play with Bottles:

Take some empty bottles and turn them into tools for an interesting game. Fill few bottles with some beans to add a bit of weight and ask your toddler to roll a ball across to strike these bottle pins. You can also mix up the bottle caps with on many bottles and ask your kid to match the caps with respective bottles. This game enhances the logical capabilities of your child.

7. Messing with Marshmallows:

Bring out the sculptor in your toddler by giving him some squishy marshmallows and toothpicks. Teach him or her, the way of connecting marshmallows to create a structure and see your toddler creating caterpillars, trains or dolls of various colours. This simple game helps build creative skills in your little one.

8. Kitchen Time:

Give your toddler some lightweight pans, pots and some wooden ladles, which are very clean. Your kid would spend many hours playing with the pots and pans and would love the noise the vessels create. Though an old fashioned play idea, this activity remains an all time kid’s favorite.

9. String Them Up:

This activity can hone your kid’s motor skills. You just need a few items which have a hole in the centre such as tube shaped pasta, spools, big beads or empty paper rolls. Give your kid a yarn or a thin shoe lace and ask him to string these things one by one. You can follow it up by giving him big buttons or beads and asking him to create a necklace.

10. Read a Book:

Reading a book with pictures of animals, shapes and numbers can be a fun activity for toddlers. This would teach your child how to hold the book in a right manner and get them interested in reading. You can also teach him a few rhymes and sing along with him to make it more entertaining.

These games are simple, easy and effective in enhancing the various sensory, motor, logical and creative capabilities in your child. Give them and try and see your little one having lots of fun.
If you have more interesting ideas to engage toddlers, do share them with us in the comment section below:

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